Studio Policies

Music Texts and Materials

Lesson books, workbooks, and theory books are not included in rates; I will indicate required materials prior to first lesson. Materials can be purchased online or via Long and McQuade. Students are also required to provide a notebook for homework assignments.


In order to receive the most from piano lessons, it is necessary for students to have an adequate instrument at home to practice between lessons. Clavinova and electronic pianos (88 weighted keys) are suitable for beginner students; however, as students progress, it is recommended that they upgrade to an acoustic piano to better develop their technical abilities. Keyboards are not adequate for development at the piano.

Goals and Tonara

Every week, the student and I will work together to create goals (let’s say, “homework”) for the following week. Goals keep us on task and moving forward. For school aged children, these goals will be captured in Tonara; adult students will utilize Google Drive.

In terms of practice, I want students to commit to at least 5 personal practice sessions a week. I am not necessarily concerned with the length of their practice sessions as we all learn at different paces; I am most concerned with seeing some progress from week to week, and their ability to meet the goals we outline during lessons. When students begin witnessing their own growth due to regular practice, they often become inspired to practice beyond the minimum. Your support at home is very much required to help develop an independent young musician!


Studio communications (teacher to parent/adult student) are managed primarily through email and text. School-aged students may contact me through the week via the messaging function in Tonara, or by email.

Cancellation Policy

With a full teaching schedule, your lesson slot is reserved for you. There will be no make-up lessons or refunds offered for missed lessons beyond a student’s allotted two absences. Please provide me with notice should you wish to use one of your absences. I am happy to offer lessons remotely if an absence is required due to a scheduling conflicts, etc.

Illness & COVID-19

As we continue to live with COVID-19, health and safety are important considerations moving forward. Students (parents) will be asked to sign a waiver at the beginning of the school year; a reminder will be sent prior to the first lesson.

It is imperative that you/your child stay home from their lesson if you/they are feeling unwell. Even if symptoms are not related to COVID-19, I want to protect my health, and the health of all students who are coming to lessons. If you/your child is ill, but well enough to participate in a lesson, we can arrange to complete the lesson online via Zoom. Please CLICK HERE to review my studio’s operational plan.

Other safety protocol:

  • Students should use the washroom and wash their hands at home prior to their lesson; I am trying to keep my bathroom off-limits;
  • Students will be required to use hand sanitizer before and after their lesson;
  • Students are required to wear a mask if they are not fully vaccinated;
  • Students should bring their own pencils, erasers, etc.;
  • Students should arrive as close to their scheduled lesson as possible; it is required that time be left between students to allow minimal contact.

Storm Days

Lessons do not correspond with school board cancellations and will go ahead as scheduled unless otherwise stated; if you are unable to travel to your lesson, we can arrange to complete the lesson online via Zoom.

Discontinuing your lessons

If you decide to discontinue lessons, please give one month’s notification prior to your last lesson. Any remaining cheques will be returned.

For more information regarding studio policies and payment plans, please contact Andrea directly.